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What are Your Options when Ordering a Custom Stainless Steel Sink?

There are a number of exciting options to choose from when designing a custom stainless steel sink for a client. The most obvious options relate to size and shape, but you may also be able to add interesting textures and designs to the sink. There are specialty companies that work with business owners and their clients to help them create and design custom stainless steel sinks that will fit perfectly into the intended space.

Considerations before purchase

You should consider the intended use before you choose a specific custom stainless steel sink. Briefing the client on the intended use and the features he or she would look for will form an important part of this process. A sink made for someone's home will be very different to one for an industrial plant or a restaurant for example. Most sinks for use in the home are manufactured for the kitchen or for the bathroom or laundry room. A kitchen sink is much shallower in general, and may offer two sides, whereas a laundry sink will be much deeper and will have the capacity to hold much larger items or bundles or clothing. An industrial sink will be even larger, because it might be used to soak or clean large pieces of equipment or to soak certain materials. These sinks may also be used to clean up after working with grease or oils.

Available customization features

You're truly spoilt for choice when it comes to customizations to a client's custom stainless steel sink. The client may require a custom design to accommodate the installation area and space, so the sink might be smaller or bigger than standard ones.

How the sink fits into its surroundings is another consideration and an undercounted stainless steel sink could be made to seem as if it's part of a stainless steel counter. There's the option of eliminating all joins and creases, so it fits smoothly without any obvious joins. A vessel sink is another option and this usually sits on top of the counter. This is a very popular option in bathrooms, and may be a more elegant and modern option for use in restaurant bathrooms, guesthouses or hotels. Industrial or laundry sinks usually stand on their own and have four legs that support their weight.

You may also be able to suggest textured custom sinks to your clients, because some sinks can be hammered to create an antique or weathered look. There are also a number of textured designs with larger or smaller designs, depending on a client's preferences.

Things to remember

A custom stainless steel sink will most likely cost more than a standard sink. This is because these customized sinks have to made from scratch, often following very intricate and detailed specifications. It's a time consuming process, and unusual shapes or sizes may also make the manufacturing process more of a challenge. Before you proceed with an order for a custom sink, you should discuss the overall budget with your client along with any special features he or she requires. Compromising on desired features to accommodate essential ones could help bring down the overall cost, and will help you get an accurate estimate before you go ahead with the project.